Album Demonstration of Madness and Hate

Demonstration Of Madness And Hate

year: 2001

track list:
01. Ancient Necropsy 
02. Fucked With An Unholy Witch From Hell 
03. Abducted By A Killer Martian 
04. Brutalgrind Core 
05. Mummified And Rushed To The Space 
06. Mutilated By An Innocent Child 
07. Spirits Of Hate
08. Australopitecus Corpse 
09. Demosntration of madness and hate.

Line up:
Iv Ancient J
·All Instruments
·released by Ancient Necropsy 2001.
year of release:
2001 - 2002.

Recorded at Iaj Soundlabs  2001.
Release Country:
Colombia - South America

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