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Hi friend of Ancient Necropsy
we are creating a new project to try to release an anniversary video. 
as many people know. we started to create our first songs in 1998. This year, 20 years later.
We would like to create a little video about this 20 years into the #underground #music.

if you like our music and follow our job, we would like you !(Bands, labels and people no matter where you are. ) send to us a little video from your smartphones or #webcams. no matter. just saying where are you listening to us. and giving a little 20 year anniversary greeting to this musical project \m/. 
then, your greeting video message will appear in this little documentary about us. then. will be uploading the full video with all the videos we can collect in our official #youtube channel: 

the instructions are easy:
1. Record a video from your smartphone or camera. (no need to be in a professional resolution) 
just telling your name. band or just the place where you are. 
2. The video should last no longer than 15 seconds and welcome .

3. the video should be recorded in .mov. mp4 or .avi and please send to us to our E-mail officialancientnecropsy@gmail.com
the dates starting from now until july 2018. 
we would really appreciate it. thankyou :

Iv. \m/


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