Ancient Necropsy: To play in our House Medellin: The Experience 20 years later.

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left to right:
Alejo: Bass - David:Guitars - Iv: Drums And Vocals.

 This is a good story to tell: you must read it

In the city where we were born, (Medellin Colombia) we pay taxes,  tickets of all kinds, where the system has all kinds of measures to fill you with penalties, apart from those you already need to survive.(this is not a poor city as many people can consider).

In this city, as one of the Pablo Escobar's most important assassins says, Medellín is built under a cemetery. 
Where in all the neighborhoods has been assisted in any massacre in their own history.

Our project was also stained with blood and sadness at these times.
During the creation of our first album, I had to suspend the composition sessions to attend 2 funerals of two good friends of childhood  in the same month, and visit to other good friend to the hospital in very intensive care. All in different circumstances.
Reason why I wanted to concentrate on my own projects outside of Medellín, preferably nationally or internationally. Maybe because in this corrupt city I never found any kind of attraction for my musical or creative tastes, and where the only tools that I provided for my projects were their negative stories.
Where the teachers of the schools I belonged to, told me that you could not wear long hair, that playing electric guitar was not going to give you any fruit. And if a neighbor saw you inhaling eucalyptus to decongest your nose. They came to your mother to tell her that she was inhaling drugs. (only ignorant information all the days. maybe fruit of the religious brainwashing to the society)

A very annoying environment not only to live but to create as well.

However, I found creative refuge in cities such as Armenia, Pereira, coffee axis, Neiva, Bogotá, and based on this with collective unions with great talents of this beautiful country. I managed to internationalize these projects. Projects that in some way received sponsorship and great support apart from the aforementioned places, from countries like the United States, Czech Republic, Russia, and other publications more in places like Japan, Mexico, Spain and Germany, where with these efforts we managed to sell thousands and thousands of copies for more than 50 countries entering more than 100 catalogs with distributors officially.
Ancient Necropsy world distribution international

Also thanks to platforms at the beginning like: Geocities, Hotmail and MySpace. And currently, YouTube, Google, Instagram and Facebook (Although we are not 100% in accordance with many of its policies) are still tools that we have allies at the moment to be communicated with our loyal fans. Those who continue to unconditionally support our creative projects.

20 years of stories later with many positive stories in our book, we return home with the support of close friends and the local  scene. We try to access through the local government through cultural calls to look for incentives to close a decent cycle in 2 decades of trajectory within the world Underground scene.
And despite having an academic degree in project formulation and other titles in our favor.
We find internal policies. That although its flag is to stimulate the creation and artistic circulation of our region, it seems that by never having made part of it, it exempts us from these economic benefits. Where our projects despite looking for 1 of 5 places without needing to be the first place.
we had just the 6th place on the list. before of us. people with newest projects only with few months or little years experienced on this business. the judges say we are not a professional band because the sound.
But the sound was very limited by the physics of the place a lot of reverberation and a place with out the acoustical conditions. they say "we are not professional because we need to sound very cool on it" :) in my Habitual job ,i am musician´s tutor and I practice at less 2 to 4 hours each day. that appreciation is ridiculous for a judge only read music blogs in his free time. and the most ridiculous part. i gave a lot of guitar lessons in the past to one of the musicians of one judges these day .

(Live Camera Sound)

Part 2:
(Live Camera Sound)

Ancient necropsy fans. colombian support metal

ancient necropsy veredict by Medellin Culture judges
This form is not official, but the results and their names they are.

The irregular number´s shape is a sarcastic way to expressing inconformity as actually happened in the last presidential political elections in Colombia during 2018 you can read the official news here
we need 70 points each one to classify but the was scary to give me 70. the verdict are very similar to the 3 judges. like an wrong school exam we reprobate it :)

in 2015 we have the same bad luck some workers of the production energy is not positive for our shows in this case the stage manager touch our gear and we don´t know we have some guitar cuts and we need to play

juries (who at one time were directly or indirectly practicing with our creative projects today have the power to leave us out of these stimuli.) We still do not know if there are interests behind that is as much as possible, what we do not know is what interest rate. If personal or a third party, that is the research we currently have, but this is the culture of my society, it seems that 20 years later, with the resources of by means of scavenging avarice is present there.
after many questions i could talk with the directors and expose my beliefs about it. they really work like democratic participation. if the judges could not support at this time we cannot do nothing and we really understand it.  in good terms we could have an stand into the festival and this is cool for me. i feel good after that.

Luckily we know how to work with our projects, we depend on these stimuli to survive. But it's just an example of the place where I'm stuck.

Greetings to my readers and fans, our creative stage continues and we hope you like all the creations we have in mind for the future. All this material will be included in our next licensed DVD under Mutilated Records in Distributed in USA AND EUROPE THIS YEAR.
The cover art illustration will be done by a talented and recognized north american death metal illustrator. coming soon.

hail from Ivan J. Music composer Ancient Necropsy <3 see you.

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